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I Tried

March 15th, 2015 + 6:03 PM  ·  rmt

Track 8 off the Beyond The Mirror album

She came, out from the past
With a light that surrounds her, to light up the night.
She looked kind of nervous, unsure of her movements
But it quickly disappeared with a touch of my hand.

I stood quietly waiting
Anticipating what she might say
And yes I was nervous but didn't let it show
Hard as a fighter and soft as the snow

And we cried……oh how we cried

And we laughed in the days that would follow
Walking to no where and then back again
Watching the sky and the people around
Speaking in volumes without making a sound

She loved much more than she’s used to
We picked up right from where we left off
Each lap of the surf, each call of a gull
The more that we kissed, the more time would stand still

And we tried……and we tried
And we tried…… oh how we tried

With hands raised I swore that I would never let go,
Walking a wire without a net and soon….your all alone

She left as soft as she came
A sad little smile and a quick wave goodbye
Lord knows I tried to follow
The things I was needing were in short supply

But I tried….lord I tried

Shes Fine

March 4th, 2015 + 9:03 AM  ·  rmt

Track 7 on Beyond The Mirror album 2015

There’s an angel that appeared to me one night while I was in bed
Unspoken word was all we need there was nothing left unsaid
Now her spirit’s always with me, everywhere I go
She’s in every ounce of me
She took my very soul

So if you want to keep your life
If you cross her path take my advice

She’s fine…….that’s right
If she asks then you don’t think twice
The die is cast, the stage is set
We’re gonna tear it down tonight…

Beware…..take care
Cause in the morning she won’t be there
You should have seen it in her eyes
She’ll take your heart, she’s a devil in disquise.

Upload MP3 error

March 3rd, 2015 + 5:03 PM  ·  rmt

Hello, I tried uploading an MP3 using both Chrome and IE browsers but it fails showing 'You already have a song with that title' error. I joined yesterday and have reviewed 12 songs so far. I show no song with the title "She's Fine" being uploaded by me. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, rich - RMT bassist
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